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My apologies about Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. It's a lot more incest-y than I thought. The light novel is told from Tatsuya's point of view and, since he really doesn't have romantic/sexual inclinations towards his sister, those parts feel a lot more downplayed in the novel and Miyuki's one-sided romance felt a lot more excusable as just a spoiled, brother-idolizing, little sister than what the anime interpreted it as. So, a big incest warning on this one.

As for Mekakucity Actors,
I think they may be incorporating the original songs into the show! At least, a cover (? Or would it be an "official" vers now?) of Kisaragi Attention was in Episode 2: Kisaragi Attention, and Ep3 is titled Mekakushi Code, so ... But then why wasn't Children Record in Episode 1? :[
If Ep2 felt like filler ... it kinda was. I was a little disappointed they broke up the events like that and threw so much fluff in the second episode, but I guess it makes sense that they didn't want to introduce ALL the characters in Momo's episode, and if they're dividing it by song it totally makes sense that they reserved the rest of the "first" plot for Episode 3. Just ... I have to wait ANOTHER week for this?
Kisaragi Attention (original IA Vocaloid vers)
Kisaragi Attention (Utaite Rib vers-because-Jin's-songs-sound-better-with-real-singers):

All of the Kagerou Project's songs with my fave Utaites and the videos minus Shounen Brave:
All the songs are produced by Jin (aka Shizen-no-tek-p)
Playlist (in English/romaji):
"Daze" - Mekakucity Actors OP - feat MARiA from GARNiDELiA
"Children Record" - feat Kashitarou Itou
"Artificial Enemy" - feat Miku (vocaloid)
"Mekakushi Code" - feat Hiiragi Yuka
"Kagerou Days" - feat Soraru and Rib
"Headphone Actor" - feat Soraru
"Fantasy Forest" - formerly "Imagination Forest" - feat Baru
"Konoha's State of the World" - feat Touyu
"Kisaragi Attention" - feat Rib
"Yobanashi Deceive" - feat Cocoru
"Ayano's Theory of Happiness" - a beautiful cover feat Yumeko
"Yuukei Yesterday" - feat un-c (a guy, ok?)
"Otsukimi Recital" - feat Kradness
"Lost Time Memory" - feat Mafumafu
"Outer Science" - feat Soraru (how did Soraru end up here so many times? Guess he doesn't police youtube as much as the others)
"Summer Time Record" - feat IA (vocaloid)

I did not include any of the CD exclusive songs because I thought it might be a little disrespectful to Jin. Also, they are hard to find.


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TAsaoka Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i really like your style

I wonder how long it'll be before we start seeing actual English releases of light novels that've gotten anime versions.
Haruhi is already being translated....

To aru no Majutsu no Index next please!!!!
... I actually haven't the slightest for what publishers want to do with the light novels. They should probably continue to have an international publisher translate them, because what do we got? ... Viz. Tokyopop. Yeeeeeah.... I don't think I could bear reading light novel translations from THOSE.
I dunno, Tokyopop has done pretty well by a couple of their smaller runs... Like BLAME!.

Actually, mostly just BLAME!

I want the Bakemonogatari books. And SAO. I need to finish Nisemonogatari soon...
haha. Man, I bet you could find bakemonogatari translations online. Not SAO - yet, I reckon.
(2 Replies)
Is it weird that Binbogami Ga! is one of my new favorite anime?
Naw, it was a cute story with a very stable moral, and fun characters. I will admit I got a lil' sidetracked and ended up watching something else, but it's definitely something i'd like to go back to later.
Hell, even if the rest of the cast were boring, Momiji would've been enough to keep me watching.
Toshinden-fanclub Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you do requests or arttrades? Or only Commissions :painter:
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