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First off... Dimension W in the Winter 2015/16 season!!!!!!!! If it weren't for One Punch-Man, I'd say skip this season and lets move on to that one! (j/k)
The Fall2015 is a "small" season with a lot of 3-minute shows.

Second seasons:
Noragami Aragato
K: Return of Kings
Soukyuu no Fafner
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R
Owarimonogatari - the assumedly last installment of the bakamonogatari series, judging from the title, but who knows.
Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Middle school au of shingeki no kyojin? Does that count as a "second season"?
Haikyuu!! S2
Ameiro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso
Yuru Yuri San * Hai!
Hidan no Aria AA
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??
World Trigger: Toubousha-hen
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst

Other Titles:
Diabolik Lovers More, Blood vampire reverse high school harem
Dance with the Devils - same as above but with demons
Ore ga Oujo-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets <3 Sareta Ken - All-girl rich-girl high school needs a "commoner" sample so they import (kidnap) a regular joe high schooler. Shenanigans.
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans it's a gundam series. Kids rise against adults and use gundams.
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen vampires fighting against humans in ... Meiji period? ... Japan; not really sure exactly where they were going with this.
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai The 35th test platoon is full of misfits; a tech-hentai chick, a cutsie sniper with stage-fright, and a guy who can't use guns and goes berserk when he's insulted as a result of be a sword user. A witch-hunter pro with her... license? ... suspended due to her unauthorized killings of criminals is thrown into this motley crew. ... I did read a bit of the manga before and was more or less unimpressed with the character development and thought they went "super saiyan" too fast, so I will pass on this anime, but it's probably worth a watch for those who like that kind of thing.

Now onto things I actually watched:
Things I recommend:
One Punch Man - In a world full of superheroes and supervillains, Saitama's hobby is being a hero. After training so hard that all his hair fell out, he has grown so strong that he can take out anyone with one punch. But with great power comes ... great.... boredom.
This anime is probably the most hyped up non-season2 for this season, and wow I didn't expect it to be that well animated. It's FANTASTIC if you're looking for another shounen-action style show, though it's technically a shounen parody (and thus a comedy) and is actually a seinen. It is a tad gore-y, so watch out for that a bit.

Heavy Object - The "object", great mechas capable of withstanding nuclear attacks, have changed the course of humanity's warfare forever. Wars are fought purely by Objects and their Elite pilots... but how does everyone else who can't pilot an Object ... fight an Object? That's what Quenser (a student hoping to be an Object designer), Milinda (an elite), and Heivia (a soldier-in-training) have to find out.
Basically, this is a mecha anime centered the concept of being forced to fight a mecha when you're without a mecha. At first, the extraordinarily long monologue about how the Objects work at the beginning had me super worried about how the show would go. It's standard to elaborate on the mechas as you fight harder opponents, right? Why would they break that trend? But I continued watching anyway because I was thoroughly amused by Heivia chasing a moose around with what appeared to be a new-age sawed-off shotgun. And then, at the very end of the show... aaaah, I get it now. This is a mecha anime where the focus isn't the mechas but plain-old human ingenuity.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki - The Heian-kyo is plagued with Horrors that devour humans at night. Only the palace is defended with Onmyouji's kekkai, and the commoners are left to fend for themselves. But the Golden Knight exists to exterminate these horrors the best he can.
I was impressed by the quality of the animation, and then promptly terrified as what looked like eldritch horrors leapt out of the darkness and sucked the life out of the builders, disintegrating them. It is definitely a show for those interested in Japanese period dramas. From the first episode I couldn't tell exactly where they're going, but other than the side-kick kid character and the 3D animation, I liked what I saw. When the characters first named Seimei, my mind went completely blank for a few seconds before I realized they had genderbent Abe no Seimei into a badass, sexy onmyouji chick. I like her character a lot; femme fatale without being too sex-oriented, and capable of holding her own. Well, of course they ended up putting her in a skimpy little number for the action scenes, but I find her onmyouji outfit more captivating.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru - Sakurako is an eccentric woman from a rich family, and is an osteologist who just loves skeletons and bones to the point of strange obsession. High schooler Shotaro is dragged around by her as they encounter various cases.
For those disappointed by Ranpo Kitan (me, due to the fact that it was more drama, less mystery), "A corpse is buried at Sakurako's feet" well makes up for it. The ingenuity of a detective and her "Watson" (Shotaro in this case) who must have everything explained to him is preserved in this story, just that this "Watson" sprays disinfectant at Sakurako when irritated at her (much like disciplining a cat). I dunno if that will continue through the series, but I highly hope so. It was interesting that, at least with the first case, Sakurako "solved" the mystery without bringing the criminals to justice, or rather, the who-dunnit was completely irrelevant to showing her strong powers of observation and knowledge of forensics. If you were a fan of Bones, the concept is pretty similar. I wonder if this series was inspired by it...
For the record, there is a Japanese saying about how a corpse is buried beneath every beautiful sakura tree, hence the sakura motifs and, well, Sakurako herself.

Other Series:
Young Black Jack - Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack in his medical school days. Black Jack is a maverick doctor who performs miracles amidst the blackness of humanity.
... Black Jack is way too pretty, to a point of being disconcerting. To tell the truth I've never been THAT interested in Black Jack, but with this... maybe Wild Life is one step closer to getting an anime! (probably not, how disappointing). They do preserve the little twist at the end that was present in much of the original Black Jack, where despite the great surgical success, a show of human nature leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth. Also his romantic interest is still ... hm, I wonder what would be considered spoilers for a prequel show.

Lance N'Masques - Yotaro is a member of Knights of the World, but he just wants a normal life. Not really possible with his "White Knight" condition, where he instantly leaps into knightly-ness at the first sound of trouble. After running across Makio, a 5-year old girl from a rich family who lives alone, he becomes her "hero, Knight Lancer" and along with his maid/knight mentor, his squire, and his horse, lives with Makio to watch over her.
At first I thought it was interesting, but the gap between Yotaro and White Knight Yotaro... really wasn't big enough for my tastes. He's still pretty knightly in his normal mode, so it's more or less a "take care of the poor neglected child" story. I thought it would be more interesting if Yotaro was completely a loser in normal mode, or a misanthropist or something.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - After accidentally infuriating a foreign princess by catching sight of her changing, Ayato is embroiled in a high school life of fighting with magical swords.
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - After accidentally infuriating a foreign princess by catching sight of her changing, Ikki is embroiled in a high school life of fighting with magical swords.
The differences between them: Ayato is (though not wellknown) considered extremely strong and talented, while Ikki is the underdog who can't use much magic and must rely on a 1-minute instance where he uses up every ounce of magic he owns. Ayato is the collected type of guy while Ikki is the rough type of guy. Gakusen's leading lady is more dere while Rakudai's is more tsun on the tsundere scale. While Rakudai appears to be more about battles, Gakusen seems a bit stronger on the story front. Either way, two high-school magical sword battle harem animes.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen - A man wakes up in the middle of a snowy mountain clad in a hospital gown. He is unable to remember a thing, and is rescued by a girl with animal ears and a tail... wait, is he the strange one for not having them?
This is an interesting setting, which I believe comes from a game. It's interesting because a man with something as modern as a hospital gown is thrown into a feudal Japanese setting with strange demi-humans around and you - and him - are now trying to figure out what's going on.

Comet Lucifer - Sogo loves looking for rare crystals, like the resource giftdium in red instead of blue. After getting in a mess of a chase with some of his peers, Sogo and his friend fall into the mines, where strange powers are at work. A military (I think) unit is excavating in an underwater lake, and as Sogo and his friend approach the center of the drained lake, a girl bursts out of a rare red giftdium cluster ... and some mecha comes out of nowhere and defends them from the military unit.
Sooo I didn't know this was a mecha at first, so I was thinking, "man, they paid a heckuva lot of attention to all the little technology things in this anime. How strange." And then the mecha comes out and ... "Oooooh." It's a lot of fantasy so I might watch it anyway.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou - The Superhero Bureau is a government group that approaches and protects superhumans. But is that all it is?
This is a kind of wtf anime, where they show two different timelines, one when Jirou (I think the protagonist) is with the Bureau and later on when he is being hunted by the Bureau interspersed with each other. Most of where this is going is still a mystery to me, but it's interesting to watch with a pop flair.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider - Professor Saikawa and his mentor's daughter, Moe, go on a college trip to an island where Dr Magata, a genius scientist rumored to have killed her parents, has her lab. There they find a corpse and must solve what becomes a serial murder case.
... I think they go to that island. That remains to be determined in the next episode, but it was a succinct way of sliding Shiki Magata in there ... so.... :D This is actually a pretty famous Japanese mystery novel and has been adapted into many forms already, including a live drama. This is also a slower paced drama with a lot of high-brow philosophical meanderings ("what if I'm just a human who boots the OS of Souhei Saikawa every morning" for example), but has one of the most mesmerizing OP sequences imo.</b>


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