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Anyone played with the USR (Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying) system? My group's been using it, and we super like how much more it allows for improv and role play. We're getting close to the end of the campaign so I'm thinking about being the next DM, and just wanted to shoot a scenario out and get some feedback before I pitch it to the group. 

The USR system uses Action (strength, dexterity, and skills), Wit (intelligence and wisdom), and Ego (initiative and charisma? We hardly ever use ego, preferring to rp it out) rolls, where you assign d6, d8, or d10 to whichever you prefer. You are then allowed +2 to 3 specializations of whatever you say your char is good at.
(you're trying to hit scores of 2(easy), 4(medium), etc)
My idea is to add a stamina system which dictates given "Activations" (powers). Each character gets 20 stamina, 5 stamina replenishes every full hour of not using stamina to 20 max (no partial replenishes). After 24 hours without sleep you lose 1 stamina every hour and cannot replenish stamina until sleeping 8 hrs. 0 stamina means nothing except not being able to use Activations (just because I don't want too many debuff-y stats). Activations require 2 stamina to activate and use up to 5 minutes, 1 stamina/5 minutes of use afterwards (unless otherwise stated). 

Overall Setting: Modern day sci-fi fantasy setting. The Outerskirts, uncivilized areas, are dangerous with predatory monsters. At the same time the monsters drop energy crystals and the Outerskirts are full of ruins and untapped resources. 
Campaign setting: the mobile aerial nation, Delfan, sails the skies doing various research and couriering supplies between grounded nations. The enlist adventurers for various exploits.
Races/Character Creation:
I chose to use new race names to avoid racial stereotypes. Chars can only choose 2 Activations. 
Vaengir - Winged humanoids. 
fly(1 stamina every 30 min)
perception(+2 to observant)
ranged attack(+2 to ranged attacks)
over-speed (+2 to use any action before another char/event)

Nekhein - Finned humanoids. 
over-swim(+2 to reach destination before any event/char)
breathe underwater(1 stamina every 10 minutes. Lasts until stamina runs out if not deactivated)
extrasensory(observation in water/darkness goes down 1 difficulty level)
illusion(+2 to making a convincing still-image illusion)

Ferox -Animal humanoids. 
over-climb(climb goes down one difficulty level)
over-jump (jump goes down one difficulty level)
seek weakness (+2 to called shot)
perception (+2 to observation)

Luaide - Metal humanoids. (though not constantly metal)
increase defense(+2 to oppose an attack roll)
detect material valuables(+2 to detect material valuables in current area up to 5 yard radius)
increase attack (+2 to any attack using a part of your body)
no stamina reduction (no activation required, fatigue does not reduce stamina. 3 hrs sleep to replenish stamina fully)

Humans - humans choose a customizable sub-class.
- morphein  - ability to "power-up" and transform
Activations: transform into mecha/superhero/magical girl. (2 stamina activation only, no duration cost)
While transformed: add 2 activations only accessible when transformed (with gm discretion), +3 specialization points to existing specializations while transformed.
- magos (+5 stamina) - mage
Activations: use magic(choose a school of magic to control. +2 to using that magic. 1 stamina for every usage of magic, 1 stamina per minute of constant usage)
- mentalis - transcend the body to focus on the mind
absorb information(immediately understand all the contents of written/typed information)
farsight (+2 to see something within a mile radius. Can only see through 10 feet of solid material)
mental hijacking (must take activation to use. Difficulty roll 5)
alter perception (+2 to make someone see 1 thing differently)


United States
Current Residence: Somewhere, or nowhere
Occuption: ex-Engineer, current Animator


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i really like your style

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Sandtrap Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
I wonder how long it'll be before we start seeing actual English releases of light novels that've gotten anime versions.
klinanime Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Haruhi is already being translated....

To aru no Majutsu no Index next please!!!!
... I actually haven't the slightest for what publishers want to do with the light novels. They should probably continue to have an international publisher translate them, because what do we got? ... Viz. Tokyopop. Yeeeeeah.... I don't think I could bear reading light novel translations from THOSE.
Sandtrap Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
I dunno, Tokyopop has done pretty well by a couple of their smaller runs... Like BLAME!.

Actually, mostly just BLAME!

I want the Bakemonogatari books. And SAO. I need to finish Nisemonogatari soon...
klinanime Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
haha. Man, I bet you could find bakemonogatari translations online. Not SAO - yet, I reckon.
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Sandtrap Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Is it weird that Binbogami Ga! is one of my new favorite anime?
klinanime Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Naw, it was a cute story with a very stable moral, and fun characters. I will admit I got a lil' sidetracked and ended up watching something else, but it's definitely something i'd like to go back to later.
Sandtrap Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Hell, even if the rest of the cast were boring, Momiji would've been enough to keep me watching.
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