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deviation in storage by Rynnay
This season's anime is rather peculiar. There's a lot more shows (proportionally) aimed towards women, and it's not all fujoshi-fare. There is also a lot more (and by that I mean more than 1) seinen shows.  There is also just a lot of shows this season.

All shows i'm not interested in watching, but someone out there prob is:
Some of the more popular sequels:
Durarara!!x2Ten (2nd of 3 cours. The third is slated uh... I forget.)
Gatchaman Crowds Insight
Dragon Ball Super  (wtf?)
To Love-Ru: Trouble-Darkness 2nd
Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! - High school kinda pervy girl stealing the student council president position from the protagonist and arranged marriages
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou monster girl harem
Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan magical school, guy leads all girl squad that loses all the time. Ok, to be fair, I dunno if this is a harem, but since they especially make it a point to say that it's an all-girl squad, i thought it was a safe assumption.
Slice of Life:
Million Doll about otaku bloggers supporting their various idols
Sore ga Seiyuu new voice actresses getting trying their best as voice actresses
Danchigai MAYBE a harem, not sure. About a guy and all his sisters. Could also NOT be a harem. Coin tossup with this one.
Gakkou Gurashi! ... this one is a slice of life? well, I'll spoil it for you because it's actually unpleasant to be caught unawares by the surprise if you don't like that kind of horror. ZOMBIES. There's zombies. It's about girls trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, where one of them is still imagining that life is going on as usual (whether due to mental or physical-induced trauma).
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku Something about a war where an island country must regain its independence and it's protector dragon god went bonkers. I'm paraphrasing from a synopsis, and you know how the synopses go sometimes... Kind of a shounen look to the art.
Ushio to Tora Ushio must fight off invading spirits, and to do that he releases an ancient demon sealed by his ancestor. Whether or not that was a good idea...
Rokka no Yuusha When the Brave Six meet to stop the resurrection of the God of Evil, seven of them gather. Which one is the traitor?
Bikini Warriors I am sure this is a wholesome series about rpg style adventures. ... sigh. Of COURSE this one's an ecchi.
Kangoku Gakuen An amazonian society in an all-girls-turned-co-ed school and the boys that have to break through.
God Eater With unknown lifeforms devouring the earth, humans develop living weapons that exist to EAT these gods.

Meh, there's some others, but now the episodes I watched:
Gangsta. In the city of Ergastalum, the mafiosos run the town, but sometimes a "conveniently neutral" party needs to be called in for "cleanup". Nicolas and Worick are the benriya (handymen) in this town of blood and dirt. Shortly after cleaning up an up and coming group and taking in their prostitute, the Handymen - and all of Ergastalum - are embroiled in conflict involving the Twilights, biologically super-enhanced mercs like Nicolas.
... Ok, so I didn't read the (popular) manga and apparently missed the exposition where Nic was deaf during the episode (I was doing dishes), so I was rather confused about... all the way through the first episode lols. If you want realism and dirt and grit, this one's for you. I was immediately interested when I noticed the protagonists (other than the hot chick) were not your stereotypical anime protagonists. I really enjoyed this one, it's got that great, gritty, seinen feel to it.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Inspired by the works of Edogawa Ranpo, a Japanese mystery novel writer (1894-1965), and bearing two of his iconic characters. Kobayashi, a strange and very observant (and very feminine) middle school boy is suddenly accused of murder. He is intrigued by the chance to solve a real life, abnormal murder and comes into contact with genius high school boy detective, Akechi. Solve the "game", Akechi tells him, and Kobayashi will garner a place for himself in "this" world.
This is very clearly a psychological thriller. I have to say I can't tell if it's technically a "mystery" series, since in this first case the viewer is not given all the clues and information, and in fact you aren't even introduced to all the suspects. However, if you like watching the part where the detective just reveals his thought process, that's basically all it is. It is VERY intriguing, and please watch out for the weird instances of bl. In my opinion, other than emphasizing the strangeness (I almost used "queerness") of the murder victim, the bl parts do not make it unwatchable if you aren't into that sort of thing. (Hashiba is annoying all throughout, regardless of his maybe mancrush, so I don't count him) Kobayashi is a strange strange little boy. He is almost indifferent to how people perceive him, and how he perceives others, and is a bit too blunt about how he sees things. He is also probably a bit perverse, since seeing a murder excites him rather than... well, y'know, being horrified. You can tell both characters, Kobayashi and Akechi, have some Sherlock Holmes influence, and my guess is that Ranpo loved the idea of genius belonging to the abnormal people. (lol, just swap the cocaine with an addiction to pain killers and you have Akechi) I like all these kind of detective-y things regardless of how bad they are, and having the characters based heavily on Doyle's writings make it a bonus for me.

AoharuxKikanjuu Tachibana Hotaru is strong, tough, and has a strong sense of justice. She is also mistaken as a man, to a point where she doesn't even bother correcting people anymore. As she tries to avenge her friend from being swindled by a host, she finds herself involved in survival games.
...Why is this listed as shounen? It's shoujo. Anyway, if you're tired of "tomboys" who get all weak-kneed from love and worry about relationships, this is the protagonist for you. And well... for me, this is the type of sabuge show I want to see. People being badas and having fun playing capture the flag. ... ok, so there's a bit of gendbend and proooobably maybe romance later on? I dunno, I just want to watch Tachibana being awesome.

Joukamachi no Dandelion Akane HATES being the center of attention, and HATES being filmed. Unfortunately, she is part of the royal family. Being in the spotlight included. Her father, the King, decides that the next ruler will be decided by election between the nine siblings, and Akane decides to become the next ruler to abolish the town's security cameras and the Royal Family TV show. Oh yh, did I mention all nine siblings have different powers?
A promising show, but I can't really get into it for some reason (the reason is akane). If you like a large cast of characters with superpowers and a girl who's kinda hopeless but still tries, you might like this one.

Wakaba*Girl A slightly out of touch rich girl and her friends in highschool.
Eh... I have to wonder if whoever wrote this series was ever a high school girl, which is weird because it's the same auther as Kiniro Mosaic which I liked. Anyway, when the girls went, "since we're sitting together, let's be friends" I was thinking in the back of my head, man, that suggestion almost never works out. Well, none of the characters really caught my interest.

GATE One day in August, a gate appeared and fantasy-like monsters and knights came out and slaughtered many people on the Ginza in Tokyo. After pushing them back, the Japanese Defense Force decides to send a reconnaissance team in through the gate.
There was a similar anime to this a while back, and I remembered it sucked. This one seems much more promising, at least logically. Instead of "Hey, let's send this high school boy otaku and a team of ineffective bodyguards", this is "Let's send a team of specialized forces through, oh it just happens to be lead by a(n older) soldier who's an otaku." At least that's what I'm hoping for, and that's what it appeared to be just from the first episode. Itami just straight up taking out that medieval knight with his own knife was pretty cool. This may be a step in the right direction for portraying the (heavily persecuted) otaku culture in a more positive light, where the character isn't the loser otaku geek outcast of society, but a guy with other redeeming qualities who just happens to be an otaku.

Classroom*Crisis A special class of high school rocket scientists must save their space program.
It was SO promising, until convenient antagonist came in. I thought it'd be about making prototype rockets, but now there's some deadline and angst. Still, if you like that sort of thing it's pretty interesting.

Charlotte Some adolescent kids have special abilities. Yu Otosaka is one of them. He is forcibly transferred to a school of such people.
...meh. The powers seems to be along the lines of chuunibyou, or adolescent make-believe delusions, except it's real. I didn't really care for any of the characters, personally. If you like that kind of thing, it could be fun.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Shirayuki is a talented pharmacist with vivid, and rare, red hair. One day, the first prince of her country wants to make her his concubine out of interest for her hair. Determined not to be caged, Shirayuki flees across the border and meets a young man named Zen, who encourages her to take pride in her precious red, the colour of fate.
I really like Shirayuki as a protagonist. She is strong, proud of the talents she has, and determined to stand on her own feet. She is also very feminine, a great example of how femininity and strength are not incompatible. I read the manga long ago, and I'm glad I haven't read it recently, or I know it'll annoy me waiting for each episode. There's a bit of political intrigue and how Shirayuki makes her own place among it all.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Asahi is awful at keeping secrets. As he attempts to confess to his crush he sees... batwings?! Yoko is a vampire, and now Asahi must keep her secret or she'll be forced to quit school. ... but is hers the only secret in this school?
Ok, this one's a harem. But it's also HILARIOUS. The title translates to "Actually, I am...", and there's a lot of people with secret identities. (also, as a harem, only three of the many girls are into him, and there are other male characters with distinct voice actors.)


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I've just re-read one of my favorite webcomics in history, IoM, for like the fourth time, and realized I never even thought to ask you - why did you ever stop updating it? Is there a particular reason? I loved creative and well-researched plot arcs and especially the vast diversity of characters.
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There were a lot of plot foibles that, while I was doing well to disguise how bad they were, i was getting to a point where I couldn't hide the bad plots. I haven't decided if I'm going to completely abandon it, but there's a lot of stories in there that weren't worth fixing.
EDIT: and also, time. there' was a lot of that missing too
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